What Inspires you to write?

I bet you would see a blank tablet of paper, you know what I see? I see inspiration. For some reason even though my tools are with a keyboard and not a pencil, a blank pad of paper with lines excites me inside to write. A blank piece of paper to me is like an opportunity to adventure, or even just to jot down my life’s stressful situations, to feel control.


One of my other inspirations is rushing water. I love to go park next to the water, and just relax. Breathe in the fresh air, and look at the beautiful mountains in the background. For me, there is nothing more stress relieving, calming and thought-provoking.

 Picture this with me for a moment: reclined in your car/truck comfortably, you hear the water rushing over the rocks, you can smell fresh pine in the distance, and see the mountains so green and lush, you feel your muscles relax as you melt in your seat, the light breeze touches your face giving you slight goosebumps. And just for a moment, the world fades, no responsibilities, deadlines, etc. Just you enjoying nature relaxing.


  •    Now, tell me your inspiration. It can be as silly as my blank page of a paper, to as deep and beautiful as an Alaskan river. Either way, I want to know what inspires you! authors and readers alike. 🙂   


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