To Bologna or not to Bologna? THAT, IS THE QUESTION.

appetizing beef black background breakfast
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Many of you are wondering, what bologna has to do with, ANYTHING? Well, there is a simple explanation, change. Even more confused? I bet. Well you see growing up I always hated the stuff, and then out of nowhere, without cause… I craved it, and have liked it since. Completely unexplained changes in taste and likes, over time. I used to not like the color green what so ever, and now all my sticky notes and backgrounds have a lot of green.

What do you think caused this change? Have you had unexplained changes? I am sure you have… Think about who you dated in high school or who you thought was attractive in middle school. Are you still attracted to the same type of man or woman? probably not.

There could be many reasons behind the differences between you now, and then. Hormones can be a cause in taste and likes, as you get older your hormones and body changes. I could be craving bologna because I need more meat or a nutrient from it for my body. Taste in people also could be hormonal, however, the color green would still be unexplained. That could just be boredom with the same old favorite colors I have had since 10 years of age.

Still, Why Food Change? I have researched and have not found any possible answer. I am NOT pregnant, I am not going through my woman life change, then why? Does Anyone else experience this type of change in life? Let me know. Also if you know what causes it*** Please comment below 🙂

“Changes, times making changes in my life.
Rearranging, always changing.
Can’t seem to stop the hands of time.
I remember I was so young.
I was much too young to see.
Now I’m older, growing older.
And I see things differently.
Oh, can’t you see,
it’s changing you and me.”


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