Hiding in the Bathroom


Here I am to that point most parents seem to get to when dealing with children. After all the “Why? How? When? Where? and MOM! words you can take drive you crazy. Sometimes you just need to get away, for 5 min at least! Most of us have done this, it is called evading. We hide in a locked room, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere just to get a rest from all the attention they seem to need.

I am here to relieve your guilt! Most of us when we feel we need a min to recoup or hide… feel bad. We think that we are not a good parent, or that the children will not feel loved. It is normal at times to feel overwhelmed by the children’s silly needs or constant interrogation. We deal with daily stresses such as birthdays, cleaning, cooking, working, writing (if applicable), bills, debt, when we get a chance to have relations with our spouse again, and on top of it all, constant questioning and responsibility with the children. What we say, or do, can and will be held against us with our children. (ANOTHER STRESS).

So what I am saying is, look at your daily stress… So of course when your children say MOM/DAD every 30 seconds, you will want to run and hide. Maybe even under a rock, or up a tree if possible. I honestly think that it is healthy to get that few seconds to go pee alone (if door locks, they seem to follow). Or in a locked room, just to get your head straight. You know what!? Because you wonder if you are a good parent, you usually are. Bad parents excuse their bad behavior, not question if they are good enough.

Another way to think of this is… You went and hid, instead of popping their head off (just a term, not literal). You took those few min, or seconds, depending on children’s age. Instead of getting severely angry, and lashing out on your children. YOUR AMAZING! If you can feel you are about to explode, and you choose to calm down and handle the situation properly, yes… you are a good parent. So stop listening to those negative lies, and just breathe in and out, and in, and out… and go, love, those kids.. how the time flies.

And just in case you have ever had bad thoughts, like dropping them somewhere random, that is normal too. As long as you did not do it, you calmed down in your special hiding place… and handled it properly.


Besides they would probably find their way home anyway… 



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