About Me….

Luke-78-Today is a new Day

Hmm, me? I can think of a thousand topics to write about, breathe in and the words soar onto the paper. But ask about me? What would you like to know? I was born and raised in Alaska. I had a very rough beginning of my life, I decided to just live the rest of my life awesomely! (<<<< not a word, shhhhh… it is now) I had some traumas etc. But God is good and I refuse to let the negativity, lies, and pain from my past hold me back. I am now a happily married woman, who has a beautiful son. Like everyone, I struggle, have ups and downs, but the point is… I still try. I get knocked down, and I stand again. I try to be a great wife, a great mother, inspiring, loving, kind, and generous. I am far from perfect, but my strength to keep trying comes from God. My hardships and past do not matter, except that God used them to mold who I am now. What do you need to know? I love to write, love to make people smile and help them… I love to give advice from my own trials, and learning curves. And if you let me, I will do my best to make your day. Thank you for reading. 🙂
_____________Bottom line is, all credit is to God, because if not for God… I would not be alive or writing this blog. 🙂

I hope to encourage you, make you laugh, or even have thought-provoking ideas. Feel free to share your positive criticism or have a healthy debate with me. I want to know what you think! 

Blog post days are, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (Extra blogs on occasion)

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