Facebook Dangerous? I thought not…

Keep Them Safe
Keep Them Safe

I have been on Facebook for many years now, and I never ran into problems. Had it on private except for friends and family etc. Well while I was in the hospital (worst time ever right), I got attacked

My mother posted on Sarah Palin’s page a comment on a current topic. Ya know, the one about the kid standing on the dog. Well, some guy on there did not like what my mother had to say, and he did the worst possible thing he could do to her, also affecting me horribly. He took innocent pictures of my son off grandmas page and turned them into pornographic memes. You heard me… He took sweet innocent pictures of my 5-year-old baby boy and put the most vulgar things on them. I kept some in case I needed them to report, but they are just so horrid I do not feel it safe or okay to share them with you.

I was crushed, how could someone think like that? How could someone be capable of that? my whole world smacked me in the face. I still have quite a lot of innocence, and would never think of this even happening. My mother’s page was on private! HE HACKED! Which mean… any predator going after children’s pictures, can access them. 😦 Did your heart sink, mine did.

I put all albums with my son in them on only me, my mother had them on friends and family. I will no longer be posting any pictures of my child. If the vulgar pictures were of me, I would be less upset. But, MY BABY…. This is just a wake-up call to all! So no one has to have one like I did.

PS: This guy was attacking my mother with these pictures, then me. However, if he was just a predator, we would never have known he took those pictures… Food for thought. BE SAFE!


  1. Report them and the guy to fb and they will ban him from contacting you and your family. Some people are so sick that they don’t even realize how horribly sick they are. I’m so sorry you and your family are dealing with that. Also, if its really bad find out where his location is and send the pictures to the police dept of that area and explain you want him found and charges pressed for making pornographic pictures out of the pictures he’s taking off of your’s and your family’s fb walls and they will have to investigate and charge him as a sex offender. I pray things get better for you and your family and your poor baby boy. This guy deserves a butt beaten cuz he’s an adult bullying an innocent child!

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      1. Oh okay well what you have saved and if you can locate his area i would report him to the authorities in that area and brought up on charges of child pronography and cyber bullying. Then he will be a sex offender for several years plus have to be on prohibation for years plus a nice little fine he will have to pay. That means he wont be allowed on fb again for years cuz of it and that will allow yall the peace and rest yall deserve. I hope he gets caught and things get better soon for you and your family:)


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