Why Make A Difference, No One Else Is?

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I have mentioned what making a difference is, but I have yet to cover why?. I mean, why make a difference when no one else will? Why make a difference when people do not deserve it? Besides the fact God has called us to, there are many reasons.

Those questions people ask are just selfish, which is human nature, but we must fight our fleshy ideas and do what is right. Yes, that person doesn’t deserve it, neither would you if this was reversed. All fall short of the glory of God and have sinned. People make mistakes, forgive them and let go and do what is right.

Biggest example ever, and I may get some dirty looks for this one. At least I hope so because that means I made you think. Okay, so your ex-husband or wife, left you for another person. They hurt you deep inside and broke you to the point you do not think you will ever be okay again. He is still in your children’s lives, so you are stuck seeing him. Does he deserve to be forgiven? “No, you say… and think, why would I?”

Yes, he does not deserve it, but you are only hurting yourself and denying yourself full healing by holding on to that unforgiveness. No, you do not want to wish him well, or happiness, but over time let yourself forgive them/ Ps. I speak from experience, this was my situation… Until I completely forgave him, my heart was not fully healed. Now it is, and I have no issue praying the best for him and his family.

Back to my main point, people do not deserve things, however, it is good for your well being and health that you do. Have you ever helped someone selflessly? You know that feeling you get after? ya know the high of it. I think it is the body releasing happy hormones in your body. It feels good to help someone in need. So health and mood wise it is good for you. What else?

Remember how mom or dad said, “treat others as you wish to be treated”. Well, why not treat others how you want to be treated, instead of what you think they deserve? What harsh pride holds you back from helping someone? I do not just mean homeless, poor, widows, though we are called to help them. I mean little things as well, like opening doors, helping an older woman with her groceries, or even shaking the hand of a veteran in thanks. These things change the world around us, and if you are like me… Someone doing you wrong will never stop you from doing as much right as possible. Why? because I know what it feels like to be spit on, judged, alone, hurt, poor, in need of a friend. Because of that, I will do everything in my power to help those who need it or even just want it.

I hope this puts some things in perspective, will be touching more on the topic of making a difference at a later time. Thank you

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