Struggling with Depression

This article is being created by someone who actually has depression, not a doctor, or someone who thinks people with depression are weak. 

If you are someone who thinks that depression makes you weak, this article is also for you. For people with depression, we have all heard terms that should never be said like: “Get over it”, “There is nothing wrong with you”, “you just want attention”, “Hypochondriac!”, “Why are you crying? something stupid again?”. These can go on and on, and really the reasons people say these things are for understandable reasons.

1) It hurts them to see you hurt (most common in family or friends)

2) They never had it, so they just do not understand

3) They are part of the older generation of BadAsses who went through more than we could fathom

4) They have been through too much, to understand your pain that seems invisible

While these are some good reasons, it does not mean it is okay for them to talk to you like that. I am just giving you some understanding reasons why to help you cope when you hear them. For me, I am less hurt when I understand why a person thinks that way or hurts me.

It is hard dealing with an invisible illness, sometimes we even believe the lies told to us. Like this is all in your head, well it is!!! Its an imbalance in your brain, however, it is not a made up nightmare. Depression hurts, sometimes it makes you think or act crazy, you sometimes take it out on those you love the most. It hurts physically, and mentally.

Thoughts depressed people have:

What’s wrong with me?, am I making it up? why does this hurt? I just want to be sad when I should be, and happy when I should be!, no one understands me, I wish I could disappear, I don’t want to take meds!, God why?……… etc.

So when a person who does not understand interjects in a negative way, it confuses us even more. I have had depression since I was thirteen, I had no one supporting me, no meds, nothing. Only a mother who could not understand, and thought I just wanted attention. What I thought I wanted was to die, but God proved me wrong on that one when I became older.

I had traumas on top of my depression, and yet… I was able to feel peace and joy once I let Christ in. The point is, your pain is real, but we do not have to believe the lies we here in our heads, or the ones people say to us. Some of us are even afraid to go to the doctor because they do not want to know what is wrong with them. In their minds, if they do not get diagnosed, they do not have it. I WISH IT WORKED LIKE THAT!

You need to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Even if I am the only person you know who has depression, know that you are not alone. Whoever you are and wherever you are, I know your pains, your loneliness in a crowded room, your struggle to wake up. I know… And I love you and am here for you.

I hope much happier, or joy-filled days to come for you. PS. I would be dead if it was not for Gods love.

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