What is Making a Difference?

sunset hands love woman
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

When we say “Making a difference”, we usually picture the people in Africa digging wells, military men and woman fighting for our rights, or even doctors. So often we picture the biggest things will make a difference. Which is correct, those jobs or even volunteer work to make a difference. However, so does small things we do every day, things we never would think can cause such a big impact.

Most if not all, military woman and men do not see how much difference they make. Same to the doctors, they are so busy doing their job or helping people, that they never really think about the good that comes from it. Just as you and me, do not see the impact we make on the world and people around us.

An example of that is: my husband is EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) in the military. He has gone on missions and disarmed things that could have potentially killed people. Yet, because he disarmed it, no one was hurt… So how could he know for a fact he made a difference?

A better analogy is: think of a blanket, you see the fibers or small strings that make the blanket. So many of them and yet, without 1 of those fibers, the whole blanket is ruined. Think of you as one of those fibers, you would have no idea how important your part was because you couldn’t see the big picture.

Still, don’t know where I am going with this? Think of it this way… There is a woman about to walk into the store, you decide to open the door for her, seems simple and pointless right? Wrong. What you did not know is that woman is abused by her husband at home. Through her life no one has shown her kindness, she’s hurting and strong enough to hide it from the world. You opened that door and gave her just a little dose of compassion she has been craving for years. That simple task could make her day, and give her hope for a better future.

So often we pass up opportunities to show compassion towards someone, who truly need it. An example from my personal life was: When I was a teen, I struggled with depression, rough times at home, and at school. I became suicidal and in constant emotional pain. One day at lunch I was in my usual spot just sitting alone hidden in a corner hallway where no one ever walked. Just totally defeated and in pain, when a kid I didn’t really know walked by. He stopped himself and turned and looked at me, he said: “are you okay?” “I of course lied, and said yeah I am fine.” He told me if I needed anything to let him know, and went on his way. This was many years ago, and it still touches my heart today. He didn’t know my situation; he probably if asked today has no idea how much that meant to me if he even remembers the instance.

Now you see the point I am trying to make? Our little actions can make a huge difference, whether we see the outcome, or not.

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